Way Forward


An individual step in character training is to put responsibility on the individual РRobert Baden-Powell


We can work together to find out what kind of training will have the most impact. For the ease of understanding, I am outlining the services into the following categories: –

Wellbeing Training

Whether you want to lose weight or tone up, getting the balanced approach to weights and aerobics is crucial to get the desired results. Unfortunately, in many cases, people tend to use the wrong type of training or are not using the equipment correctly which in the long term causes more harm than good. And the lack of results leads to lack of motivations and dismay. Hence the in-depth consultation is so important to work out a plan suitable for you.

Elite Sports

I get clients who are excelling in their chosen sporting field and are looking for bespoke training in specific areas which will help improve their performance. For the budding sports star I offer one to one specialist training.

Medical Referrals

In many cases, public health is referring patients for fitness training to us and it is important that the individuals feel safe in the fitness environment and we find ways to adjust their needs in the new environment.

What makes Julian special is his ability to provide bespoke training which suits the overall lifestyle integrating diet, training and motivational ideas.