Celebrating Inter Faith Week 2013, this is the third in a series of practical faith linked dialogues told through incredible personal stories of individuals pursuing their hopes and aspirations, sometimes in the face of tremendous challenges and conflict.

People deal with life’s challenges in their own unique ways. Nimisha put the gloves on to derail the label of a victim. As for Julian, he is passionate about turning victims into lean, fit and positive minded individuals. For both, the key to life is faith in the wellbeing of others. Is this idealism of the young or is it determination of the wise?


Julian Orme, Fitness Instructor: 

Julian Orme is a certified fitness instructor. With a clientele base ranging from age 12 to 90 years, he spends his life unlocking the power within through sport.

Nimisha Mistry, Boxing Coach

Nimisha Mistry can pull a punch. Falling foul of bullies, she decided that the only way to deal with her fears was to take up boxing. And now, she coaches other youngsters.

Anna Walsh, Near Neighbours

Anna Walsh is a grassroots community development specialist working for Near Neighbours who is passionate about connecting people to opportunities.