Latest Training Methods: Olympic Style Lifting

As a Level 4 Strength coach a have started to run a number of new sessions to get people moving in the best possible way, getting them to perform at a higher level In everyday life and in their sport and be in the best shape of their lives!

Julian with the Team




This is a small group Olympic lifting session based on Technique, helping people to improve their lifting in movements like Snatch lift and Clean press. Olympic lifting can completely change your levels of strength and fitness. Olympic lifting has no equal for developing speed, flexibility and coordination. This will improve total body strength speed and muscle growth


Just over a year ago now I went to Julian for a personal training session.

Julian & Naomi

I  was 16 weeks pregnant and found my bump was starting to get in the way of the main exercise classes. I explained to him that my goal was to maintain a good level of fitness and to attend the gym for a bit of “me” time. Julian was great at understanding how I felt and knew that with my body changing, I would need to adapt my workout schedule. He was fantastic in providing me with a varied routine in the gym to maintain my fitness and strength; for once I really enjoyed the actual “gym”. Consequently I was attending 3 times a week.

Furthermore, Julian was my body pump instructor, meaning I felt comfortable to still attend as he was able to give me different options for certain tracks where my bump was restrictive. I stopped after 34 weeks only due to the fact  my little boy arrived 5 weeks early! ( no reason to do with my exercising)

I am very grateful to Julian for his guidance / support in helping me succeed my fitness goals during my pregnancy. I genuinely believe it was a huge help physically and mentally for my labour. I definitely had the stamina and muscles required for a quick and natural birth but The “ can do” / “keep going/ don’t quit” attitude you get from working out also benefited me.

I would thoroughly recommend Julian for all you mums to be out there but also for post natal .I felt ready to do gentle exercise 4 weeks post labour with Julian’s guidance and 8 weeks later I went back to Julian’s spin slowly followed by other classes including kettlebell.

10 months on,  I feel like my old self in terms of fitness and I’m at my pre baby weight, fitting into all my clothes  and feeling body confident to wear a bikini on recent holidays despite only attending classes twice a week.


Our Mission

Physical and mental fitness are the fundamentals of a healthier life. In the fast-paced, adrenalin-driven modern world, where people are challenged by drastic life events on a daily basis it is essential to find a balance for one’s own wellbeing.

A positive mental attitude with physical fitness is the very core to fulfil a healthier life. This together with a balanced weight helps in reducing the chances of cardiac and other serious health issues. We all need a helping hand and the use of personal fitness professionals and programmes are an important way to improve your chances. So please do connect and let’s talk further. We are here to help.

Health Facts

  • Adult Obesity rates in the UK 62% 62%
  • Child overweight / obesity rates 31% 31%
  • Meeting physical activity targets 20% 20%
  • People with gym memberships 14% 14%

Step Up

The first steps are always the hardest. But this can be a start of a great journey with rewards of a happy and healthier life. So Step Up and be proactive. Who knows, you will surprise yourself. 


The Way Forward

People spend most of their early life training their minds. Yet this is not the case when it comes to physical fitness. For overall well-being, both physical and mental fitness are needed.


Julian is incredibly knowledgeable and ever positive. He has an innate ability to know when to encourage and praise and when to push to ensure progress. I look forward to the ever-changing challenge (and fun!) of every session and am so grateful to Julian for his expertise and guidance.


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